Love Connection

Yesterday, I stopped at a nearby discount department store to pick up a few items. I had taken a small cart because I only needed a few things. Having less space should discourage one from buying out the store, right? I did well with that until it came time to buy the bottled water. I managed to lift the package and half place/drop it into the second basket of the cart. I scraped one hand because the basket was just a smidge too narrow for the water. I wondered at the time just how I would manage to get the water from the cart into my car, but I didn’t dwell on the problem. What goes in must be able to come out, right? After shopping, I opened the trunk of my car and grabbed one side of the water and tried to lift it from its cramped space. I had it on its side and was about to lift it when I heard a polite “Let me get that for you.” I turned around to see a young person with a long ponytail and a smile. I couldn’t tell whether I was being offered help by a woman or a man. She/He in one swift move picked up the water and hefted it into my car, and then whoosh, she/he was gone. I got into my car and asked the Lord to bless that person for being about His business. Just then I caught the eye of the driver who had just pulled out of the parking place across the aisle. It was her/him! I mouthed “thank you” again and waved as she/he nodded, smiled, and drove out of the lot. Several thoughts ran through my mind. First, I thought how God had supplied a rescuer for me. I made a rash decision to put the water in the just a little too small cart, but, God, the Good, Good Father that He is, timed an intervention. I thanked Him for His care…yet again! Secondly, I dealt with an underlying fear, a bias, a prejudice on my part. Who was the person who helped me? Was it a woman, a man, a homosexual, a lesbian, a transgender? In that moment, I realized that it didn’t matter. That person reached out to help in spite of her/his own fears, biases, and prejudice, and a human to human connection of love was made. God’s work was accomplished, and that was all that mattered! So, on my part, I want to let go of my fears, biases, and prejudice to allow what He wants done to be accomplished. After all, it has always been about LOVE connection hasn’t it? A pondering today.

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